7 Benefits of Lemon Water to Health and Beauty

Having a glass of warm lemon water is a easy way to get vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, flavonoids, pectin and fiber.  Lemon water can promote immunity and fight bad infection from environment . Do you know that you can use lemon water as a cheap and powerful beauty weapons? This drink can support weigh loss with vitamin P, pectin and low calories (about 25 calories in one glass). Besides, lemon water can give you a brighter skin, detox your body and reduce stress. For these reasons, today I would like to share with you 7 amazing benefits of lemon water to your health and beauty.


You might know that lemon water supports your weight loss process. But how does it support your weight loss process? The power of lemon water come from it’s rich sources of pectin, and Flavonoid (vitamin P). 

– Vitamin P in lemons can aid the weight loss by modifying blood lipid levels. Besides, this vitamin can regulate carbohydrate and glucose metabolism in our body. Vitamin P in lemon also can support your healthy heart and enhance your immune system too.

– Lemons contain a high amount of pectin, a soluble fiber in lemon juice and 30% of lemon peels. Researchers have proved that pectin can reduce blood cholesterol. Pectin binds cholesterol in the gastrointestinal tract. Then it slows down a glucose absorption by trapping carbohydrates. This process can reduce our body’s absorption of cholesterol from food. For this reason, to enhance your weight loss process, you should keep lemon peels when making lemon water. This is how I usually make hot lemon water with lemon peels.


Lemon water can combat skin ageing, a natural exfoliate, skin brightener and anti-ineffective. The high amount of vitamin C in lemon is vital for healthy glowing skin. As vitamin C support the synthesis of amino acids into collagen, which can protect and hold our skin tissues tight. Besides, other antioxidants contain in lemon helps decrease wrinkles and combat free radical damage. You can use lemon water as a natural exfoliate to gentle remove dead skin cells and bleach darkened or discolored areas in skin. Lemon water also purges toxins from your blood and keeps your skin clear of blemishes from the inside out.


Lemon contains potassium which promotes clear thinking. This mineral works with sodium to regulate the body’s water balance. A high level of potassium in lemon water can also help brain and work with nerve function by reducing stress. Vitamin P in lemon can improve capillary permeability, normalize blood pressure and blood flow.


A cup of warm lemon water morning can help to detox your body and ease aches. By controlling and encouraging the production of bile lemon water can purify and stimulate the liver. Besides, lemon water decrease the phlegm, assist dissolve gallstones or other calcium build ups. Lemon water can strengthen or maximize the function of liver’s enzyme by providing energy when they are too dilute.  Lemon water also helps to balance the calcium and oxygen levels in liver.


Lemon water promotes perspiration and helps block pain. When we heat lemon juice, salicylic acid – the chemical cursor of aspirin’s active ingredient is produced. For that reason drinking lemon water daily can help us to remove acidity in the body, including uric acid in the joints. This acid primary causes of pain and inflammation.

Vitamin C in lemon water can protect our body from infectious agents, scavenge harmful and free radicals. Free radicals can interact with the healthy cell and damage cells membranes. At the same time it also cause a lot of inflammation or painful in the body. Vitamin C will travel through the body and neutralize any free radicals from both inside and outside cells.


Lemon water can support digestion because it has a similar structure with the digestive enzyme. After drinking, our body will degrade lemon water for pectin and liberate. These components are good to our digestion and our total health. Lemon water also cleanse the bowel by flushing out waste and release gastric. 


Lemon water is one of powerful traditional remedy for cold and flu-like symptom. With high amount of vitamin C (36% of lemon) and  Saponin lemon water helps to enhance our immune system. Lemon can also increase our body’s iron absorption too. If you have asthma and other respiratory symptom you can use lemon as complementary support.

The benefits of lemon water seem to be endless, but in this post I listed just 7 main benefits of lemon water to your health and beauty. Adding lemon water in your daily life can be one of the most simple and large changes to make your life better. Lemon water are good at supporting digestion, reducing the cold symptoms, detoxing your body and your skin. Besides, it can enhance weight loss process, anti-inflammatory and recovery from stress and injury. You can read more about lemon water effective using and side effects you might have when using too much lemon water in my previous post.

Do you use lemon water in daily life? If you have any others to add, let me know in the comments.



How to Maximize Lemon Water Health Benefits?

Lemon water is one of the most popular healthy drinks in the world.  People use lemon water as a natural de-toxic drink, remedies for cold and flu-like symptoms, aid digestion or other usages. For centuries lemon water has been known for it amazing health benefits. But at the beginning I did not know how to use lemon water effectively, when can I have it and what are side effects when drink too much lemon water. As a result I got a little trouble when I drank too much. Today I want to share with you my story and my questions about lemon water, how I use it and what trouble I had with this lemon water. 
1.     What is nutrient in a glass of lemon water?
One lemon yields (3 tsp.) lemon raw juice contains 21,6mg of vitamin C (36%), 1 % of Thiamin, 1% of vitamin B6, 6.1 mcg  Folate (2%), 9.4 IU of vitamin A, 0,2 gram of fiber and 1.1 gram of sugar. A reason why lemon water is often used in weight loss process is one glass of lemon water contains less than 25 calories.
2.    How to make lemon water?
All you need is glass of lukewarm water and not scalding hot. Warm water will help your body process lemon juice easily and with less energy than making it with cold water.

Squeeze ½ a fresh lemons organic if possible for a glass of lukewarm water. Remember do not bottle lemon juice.
3.     How many cups of lemon water I can have in a day?
If you weigh less than 150 pounds, you can squeeze half a lemon for a glass of water. If you are over 150 pounds, you can use an entire lemon into water and drink it twice time in a day. If you tend to drink more than one glass of lemon water, you should increase the lemon water slowly and gradually. But remember that an amount of daily intake vitamin C, recommended by World Health Organization, is 45mg/day (about 2 lemon yields or 6 tablespoon of lemon juice) for healthy adult. 

With me, I weight around 55 kg, I usually use 1/4 of lemon to make warm lemon water every morning 30 minutes before breakfast. As I eat lot of vegetable and fruits so this amount is enough with me. Consider carefully before using lemon water everyday. Remember to calculate the vitamin C you can intake from lemon and other sources as it lead to vitamin C surplus. The surplus vitamin C can cause the dental de-calcification and lost of calcium. If you want to take more lemon water or vitamin C, you can ask your doctor for the best result.
4.    When can I drink it?
You can have a cup of lemon water in the morning before breakfast as a detoxification drink. The lemon water can clean your liver, kidney and de-toxic your body. If you drink lemon water in a daily time, remember to drink it 30 minutes before meal to help your body get most of nutrient and energy from a food.
5.    What are side effects of drinking too much lemon water?
Normally lemon is safe to all of us but when you drink too much lemon water means intake too much vitamin C to your body. After that you might have some uncomfortable detoxification symptoms such as headaches, fatigue or these negative effects:
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Possible dental decalcification (i.e. softening of the teeth).
  • Increase estrogen levels
  • Renal colic (i.e. kidney stones)
  • An infant born to women taking high doses, rebound scurvy ( when the child was exposed to too much vitamin C from the mother before birth, and the child might not have enough vitamin C after born.)
  • Further, vitamin C can interfere with some drug treatments, like cancer treatment. 

I didn’t have detoxification symptoms but de-calcification because of drinking too much lemon water. When I drank more than 3 cups of lemon water in a day for 2 weeks, my teeth started to be softened and my gum was in very bad condition. I did not recognize the problem until I visited dentist. My dentist said my teeth problem was caused by drinking too much lemon water in a short time. For not falling into that mistake, you should consider before increasing the amount of lemon water in a day. And ask your doctor for your suitable amount of lemon water you can have in a day.
With me the best amount of lemon water is 2 cups per day. But sometimes I only drink one cup of lemon water in the morning and skip a daily time. I usually eat a lot vegetable which is a rich source of vitamin C too. For that reason, in someday I will not drink too much lemon water to keep my vitamin C intake about 45 mg per day or a little bit higher.    

In most cases, I still love lemon water for its taste and many health benefits. I try to keep drinking lemon water in my diet and especially in the morning for good health and better skin.  As my experience, the more you know about lemon water, the more benefits this drink can bring to you. In some case, you can ask your doctor for the good advice. Do you drink lemon water daily? Do you have any trouble when you drink it too much like me? Share with me your story and your experience; I would love to learn more about this amazing drink.  

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