Low Sugar Candied Orange Peels

Oranges are one of the most consumed and favorite fruits. Everybody love orange juice, fresh oranges but we always throw away orange peels. But the truth is orange peels are good to your health and eatable. The peels contains high amount of vitamin C, insoluble fiber and many essential minerals. One hundred gram of orange… Continue reading Low Sugar Candied Orange Peels

Healthy Orange Jam with Low Sugar and High Fiber

Happy New Year 2015!!!!! A new year has come with happiness and many new things waiting. Let’s cook something healthy and taste good for celebrate a new year. Today I make orange jam with a Greek recipe with low sugar and high fiber to celebrate 2015. This recipe is quite the same with marmalade by using oranges and oranges peel in the jam. However, this recipe is faster,… Continue reading Healthy Orange Jam with Low Sugar and High Fiber

About Me

Hi, Welcome to About Healthy Drinks blog. My name is An Tran and I am about 30’s. I come from Vietnam but now I am living in Finland. I started a blog About Healthy Drinks because I have a big love with healthy drinks and their benefits. In my blog, I would love to share with… Continue reading About Me