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Hello, it has been two years since I wrote something in my blog. I have not updated my pages so often or too lazy to write something new. Then someone thinks my website is abandoned then they copied all my work into their new blog. Most of my works were built in blogger pages and it is very easy for someone from to copy it. It is quite annoying to do it because it takes time to find the copied pages, then report it. This is the second time I have had to report after last year’s reports. For that reason today I will share with you how to find illegally copied content on the internet and remove it from the google search.

Find infringement copyright contents

You have to always check one time per month if someone copied your works or not. You can find some pages which offer the services for free or charge some fees too. I used the website to check my work. You can copy your website or blog pages in the copyscape and they will find it for you. The page can show 2 results for free at the first time checking. That is one reason why I recommend you check it every month

After finding the copy paste website you should check all their websites. At the beginning I reported only 2 pages then when I came back their website, I found that they copied all my work except the hello and welcome page. Very fun. After you find all the copy pages then make a list or put it in the excel or table for easy control. Then you can file the report to Google in the goole webmaster tool website:

Then they will lead you to the main page for reporting. Remember to note the website link down then you can check it later.

If you can not click on my links you can go to google search console help and start to do it from the beginning. This is how the copyright removal page looks.

Remove copyright infringement

page to report alleged copyright infringement

You can fill all information into the page. Remember to click all the boxes and fill all information. Google will handle your complaint about one month after that. I filled my complaint but forgot to fill and sign in. So google send me an email and asked me to refill all information.

After one month Google will remove all the duplicate contents. You can check again the copied pages if it is removed or still there and then do it again. You can check the removal dashboard to see all your removal request within 6 months.

removal dashboard after submitting google report alleged copyright

I have two complaints for the same website as at the beginning I thought they copied only 2 pages of my work. I did everything well then they approved my request. 

In the second request I forgot to sign into the request so I was declined and have to do it second times. Hope I do it write this time so I don’t have to wait for another month. 

Some tips

  • It takes time and some effort to remove the illegal copied content. One of my tips is marking your pictures and updating your website sitemap to Google. If you do not find the infringement pages, Google will reduce your pages visible. The faster you know the copy website, the better your website visible in google result pages. In my case I did not do so much work with my pages and other websites copied all my pages for a half year already. That is not good so I hope you guys should check your pages more often. 
  • It will take time to remove illegals content out of the internet. Google might declined your complaints because lack of information or the ”legal signature”. It is annoying when you submit all information, wait for one month then they said no. In my case it has been six months and I still can not remove all of it.Good luck everybody.
  • You can put 1 link in one box, you can add maximum 10 links in 10 groups of the application. remember to separate it or you will have to wait for another 1 month.

I feel both funny and annoying when all my works were copied included many grammar errors. People even do not bother to remove my mark in the pictures in some posts. Last year someone copied it without editing all pictures. This year they do it better with cutting my page signature in 90% of pictures. Whatever they did, I still can find their illegal works and will remove it for sure.


to someone who copied my pages: It is not difficult to create your organic contents. Don’t copy other people’s hard work even if that work is not so good. It is not nice to steal the works of other people. I am. not so good at writing and it took me a lot of time to produce my bad grammar content. I am trying to improve my grammar and will update my blog more often from now. If you still try to copy my pages I will find it out. Save your time copying pages from me and other people’s work. I do not want to spend my time on finding, reporting. Be safe and smart in the coronavirus time.

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