Easy Ice Mint Strawberry Juice Recipe

Last week I came to strawberry farm and collected strawberry. I got around 4 kg of fresh strawberry and I think it is too much. The fact is I have done all recipes to consume my strawberries. I did strawberry jam, strawberry smoothies and eat fresh strawberry too. But somehow I could not drink smoothies for 3 days continuously meanwhile my strawberries can get bad very fast. 

But what else I can do? I have no space in fridge for frozen strawberry and don’t want more strawberry smoothies. Suddenly I remembered that my mom used to make fruit juice with sugar but she does it with apricots not strawberries. However, I tried my luck with strawberry in the same way my mom does fruit juices. And here is product my tasty strawberry juice with ice mint leaves.


  • One big jar with tight cover I used my 1,5l glass jar to make juice. Strawberry contains water inside and sugar will melt and it’s hard to know how much juice you can have.
  • 300 gram of sugar
  • 500 gram of fresh strawberry
  • Fresh ice mint leaves
  • Fresh strawberries

First of all, I put strawberry into a jar then slowly pour sugar into it. I tried to keep sugar cover all strawberries if not strawberries might turn into bad. I keep a whole strawberry and cut it into small pieces. If you like soft and not so much sugar in strawberry you can keep a whole strawberry. Small strawberry pieces will have more sugar inside and easy broken when you make a juice.

I keep my jar for more than 15 hours. After 4 hours you can check if the sugar does not cover the strawberry, you can put a little sugar to cover it. If you see all sugar has melt as my picture, you can use it to make juice. 

In my juice I used old and ripe strawberries with lot of seeds. Old strawberries have sweeter and stronger taste than the normal strawberry in supermarket. If you go to the strawberry farm, try to taste the old strawberry you will see the difference. With me the old strawberry is the best choice to eat and make jam. One time per year I try to go to the strawberry farm to collect old strawberry for making strawberry jam. I will share with you my low sugar, no pectin strawberry jam in another post. But now let me finish my strawberry juice first.

The second stage of making strawberry juice is mixing it with water. You can add cold water, mineral water, sparkling until it meets your taste. In here I used half of my juice mixed with 400 ml of cold water. I kept it a little bit sweet then I can put the ice later. To make strawberry juice perfect I put some ice cube, ice mint and some fresh strawberries into it. The juice will have sweet taste and lovely smell of strawberry and little bit sour taste of fresh strawberries too.

Having this drink with ice in hot summer day is an interesting choice. You can mix it with some vodka if you want something news. I like this drink as it is tasty and so convenience. Sugar helps me to keep this juice for 3 or 4 days later. But remember to keep strawberry jar in the fridge to keep it cool. If you like to try something different, try to make this juice. I bet you will love it. Let me know what you think about this simple strawberry juice. 

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