3 Watermelon Smoothies for Hot Summer

Now is summer and great time in Finland. After half year of waiting in cold weather, it’s so nice to enjoy hot summer day with fresh and cold watermelon smoothies. Watermelon is one of the cheapest and most common fruit we buy in the summer time. Even in Finland, I can find it easy with a suitable price. As you might know, watermelon contains 92% of water and rich sources of Lycopene, minerals and vitamins. This summer fruit has excellent levels of vitamin A, C and B6. Vitamin A found in water melon can boost our immune systems. Meanwhile, vitamin B6 helps the immune system to produce antibodies to fight diseases. Vitamin C works to enhance immune systems to against infection and free radical. Besides, watermelon also contains rich sources of minerals. We can take a daily required potassium levels by having a two-cup serving (280g) of water melon.

That is some main information about watermelon. And now it’s time to make 3 most basic watermelon smoothies. All smoothies are easy to make and tasty.

Watermelon and Yogurt Smoothies


– 1 medium watermelon
– 125 ml or 4fl of plain live yoghurt

Yogurt contain high amount of calcium and live bacteria that are beneficial to the digestion. Live bacteria in yogurt can protect against harmful gut bacterial which cause food poisoning. By making this smoothie, you can have the double benefit of watermelon and yogurt.

How I do it:

– Keep watermelon in fridge for at least half an hour before blending to be colder.
– Peel the watermelon and remove the seeds. If you have a very high powered blender you don’t have to worry about removing the seeds
– Cut into chunks
– Blend in a blender or food processor with yogurt

If you like cold smoothie you can add some ice. Put some mint or sprig of mint and cherry to decorate it. I think my smoothie look quite nice.

Watermelon and light coconut milk smoothie

Ingredients for 2-4 cups

– 900g or 2lb watermelon
– 125 ml or 4 fl oz light coconut milk
– 2 sprig of fresh mint

Coconut milk has unique flavors and reminders the tropical lands and summer. Besides, it provides calcium, magnesium and potassium.

How I do it:

– Peel and cut the watermelon.
– Put into a blender with the coconut milk
– Blend until smooth
– Serve with fresh mint on a top

If you think the coconut milk can make the smoothie so rich taste, you can add a little yogurt and a sprig of fresh mint for garnish.

Watermelon and Lemon Smoothie

The third watermelon smoothie I make today is watermelon and lemon smoothie.


– 900g or 2lb watermelon
– ½ fresh lemons
– 2 sprig of fresh mint
– Honey or some salt and pepper

Lemon has rich sources of Vitamin C and other minerals which good to your health. If you like, you can read more about lemon’s health benefits in my previous.

How I make it

– Peel, and cut the watermelon.
– Squeeze lemon and remove seeds
– Put into a blender with the lemon water
– Blend until smooth
– Pour the smoothies into strainer and strain the smoothies.
– It is much easier to make this drink with juicer. Just put lemon juice and watermelon and juice it.
– Serve with fresh mint and slice of lemon on top

If you like sweet taste you can put 1 or 2 spoons into watermelon and lemon smoothies. And here is my watermelon and lemon smoothie.
Do you want to try something a little bit different? You can add some salt and pepper into that mixture too.  I think this drink is quite fun. And add some Vodka if you like a little alcohol in your drink. But I use only salt and pepper to make drink. Or you can make it in small amount, if you like it you can make it more. Believe me; it tastes good and absolutely unique. 

What do you think about my list of three most popular watermelon smoothies? Do you like it? Or you want to share with me your favorite watermelon smoothies. Let me know about it. Enjoy summer time.  

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