Tips for brewing the most common tea

          Tea, make from the leaves of plant Camellia, is my favorite drink.  I need to make it clear as there are many different kind of tea in my blog like herbal tea, or Camellia leaf tea and tea made from spices tea too. I also love to collect tea whenever I find something interesting. Now I have quite nice tea collection from Vietnamese green tea, black tea, Oolong tea and some Japanese green tea.  If you like to collect different kind of tea, you might have trouble with remember all things about brewing different kind of tea. And I have that trouble to remember temperature and amount of different tea when brewing. For that reason today I want to share with you what I know and have learned about brewing some common types of Camellia tea leaf. Now let’s have a look and you can take note or save information about your favorite tea. Maybe it is not a bad idea if you try a new tea in this weekend.
        Tea is the best choice to start a new day with lots of health benefits. All kind of tea can support the heart system, activates circulation, and detoxification. The power of tea comes from a higher number of tea’s Catechins, polyphenols, vitamin C and many vital minerals. Catechins is a type of polyphenol which are the main astringency component in green tea, oolong tea and some in black tea. Polyphenols in tea can protect our body against cell damage and slow the aging process. Tea’s polyphenols also can fight the antioxidant caused by smoke, pollution, viruses. I also have a deeper discussion about green tea’s benefit and side effect. If you are interested in it and share with me more green tea’s benefits from your experience and knowledge. But now I will focus on some DO and DON’T when brewing tea.
  • Adding tea in your daily diet will make your life better and healthier. Drink two to three cups of green tea per day will give you lots of antioxidants and other tea’s healthful compounds.
  •  Drink tea right after brewing to get the Catechins and other flavoring. If you keep the tea too long it will become bitter and not good to your health.
  • Rinsing tea is making your tea taste better especially green tea, Oolong tea and Puer tea.  How do I rinse my green tea before brewing tea? I pour the boiling water into the teapot to make it warm first. Then I put green tea leaves in the teapot and pour almost-boiling water 194 – 203 oF (90-95oC) over the leaves (enough to cover them). Then I discard the water a few seconds later and brew tea with almost boiling water for some minutes depend on the tea’s type.
  • Do not drink green tea with meal nor during the half hour before or after the meal. Green tea can inhibit the absorption of iron and calcium from food.
  • Do not drink green tea in the evening if you have problem with sleeping. The caffeine in tea will make you awake. With me I only drink tea before 12 am as I got some trouble with sleeping.
  • Don’t drink the tea which you brew last night. They are extremely bad to your health. 
  • Don’t drink more than 6 cups of tea per day. If you drink a large amount of green tea you can have some problem. You might have vomit, dizzy or diarrhea and iron deficit. Polyphenols in green tea can make your body to be harder to absorb certain medicines and iron supplements.
  • Ask for advice from your doctor and pharmacist when you use medicine along with tea, herbs and supplements. And people in these situations should be cautious when use tea:
  1. People with irregular heartbeats or who have anxiety attacks should use tea cautiously.
  2. Pregnant women or breast-feeding women should not drink green tea in large amounts. Caffeine can cross the placenta and affect the fetus and can pass to breast milk.
  3. Don’t drink green tea if you have problem with high blood pressure, kidney, liver problem and stomach ulcers.
  4. And Patients suffering from iron deficiency anemia should not drink tea too.  
I think now it’s time for me to close this long conversation. I hope you find some useful information to make your tea taste better and healthier. Let’s me know what do you think about my work. Don’t hesitate to comment and share with me your experience in brewing tea. I would love to hearing from you.  
Last updated: 17/04/2015
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  1. Thanks for this post! It's very helpful to people like me who are just starting out the habit of drinking tea… I've just bought a cast iron tea pot in Japan today as well as some Bancha green tea.

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