About Me

Hi, Welcome to About Healthy Drinks blog.

My name is An Tran and I am about 30’s. I come from Vietnam but now I am living in Finland. I started a blog About Healthy Drinks because I have a big love with healthy drinks and their benefits.
In my blog, I would love to share with you the different kind of healthy drinks and how to make them. All the healthy drinks and drink’s recipes introducing in my blog will be easy to make and find ingredients like lemon, honey and ginger or whatever I got in my small kitchen.

Another part of blog will introduce you how to use drinks effectively and make use of healthy drink’s benefits. In every post, I will try to collect useful information and give you some main notices, do and don’t when making healthy drinks. 

Do remember that information in my blog and in internet based on tradition, scientific theories or limited research. The information often have not been thoroughly tested in humans, and safety and effectiveness have not always been proven.  In some case simple healthy drink or herb might be harmful or potentially serious if it is used in wrong way. So that you should always be aware and double check information about your drinks. If you have medical treatment history, ask your doctor the best advice.

I know that the knowledge about healthy drink is wide and unlimited. For that reason, I highly appreciated if you let me know your opinion about my works. Your ideas will be valuable resources for me to measure my works. I do hope through this blog I can know more about you and learn more about healthy drinks.

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